makeup mistakes

As far as beauty and makeup are concerned, the mistakes you make can affect your appearance. Also, you should note that first impressions mean nearly everything. Thus, you should try and make yourself look lovely or fabulous. Unfortunately, a lot of people end up making a lot of mistakes without even having an idea that they are doing it all wrong. For instance, a lot of people have a single brush that serves the entire makeup needs. Applying the wrong foundation, too much bronze, and blending the makeup badly are some of the mistakes.

Applying Makeup on Dry Skin

applying makeupThis is the number one mistake. Applying the makeup on dry skin is likely to cause flakiness and dryness on your face. Thus, you should exfoliate the skin at least once a week or even find alternative ways of cleansing and moistening. Also, you ought to get rid of dead skin cells. Apply the makeup only when the skin is moist. In this way, you will get excellent results.

Wrong Foundation

This is another serious mistake a lot of people make when applying a makeup. Most people forget that the foundation is available in various shades. This explains why people choose a foundation that is not meant for her face. Thus, you should learn to choose the most suitable foundation. You can get to the store where you can buy beauty products and try a few shades.

Overdoing the Bronzer

Some people go extreme with the bronzer. You should note that the bronzer is meant to add warmth to one’s complexion. When you apply a lot of bronzers, you appear burnt or muddy. You do not want to look like a person who is just from swimming in a pool of mud. Only apply it in the areas the sun hits you.

Dirty Makeup Brushes

common makeup mistakesMost people make this mistake when applying the makeup, using dirty brushes and sponges. You should note that dirty sponges and brushes cause a breakout. Ensure your brushes are free of bacteria and dirt. You should wash them with warm water and mild shampoo at least once per week.

Applying Too Much Makeup

The truth is that applying too much makeup can make you look old. Apply too much only if you are suffering from acne. Also, you should stay away from applying a lot of foundation. Rather, you should just use a single coat of foundation and concealer to cover the minor spots.